Unique InterX(R) Neurostimulation Technology Available From Mobilis

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New from Mobilis® Healthcare is the advanced InterX non-invasive, interactive neurostimulation system, for the relief and management of acute and chronic pain. Offering a unique combination of neurostimulation, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise and trigger point therapy, the technology is available in the InterX 5002 professional model for clinical and sports therapy applications and the InterX 1000 personal device for home use. The subject of a series of controlled trials in the United States, which showed significant results in pain reduction and increased range of motion, InterX has been successfully used by England rugby union stars Danny Cipriani and Jason Robinson and international tennis player Maria Sharapova, in accelerated injury recovery programmes.

Aimed at GPs, physiotherapists, sports therapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals, InterX delivers interactive high amplitude, high density stimulation to the cutaneous nerves, activating the body’s natural pain relieving mechanisms. It is invaluable for post-surgical rehabilitation, the treatment of sports injuries, the management of chronic neuropathic pain and severe musculoskeletal conditions.

Treatment is applied locally to the dermatomes, the face, scalp and areas directly over the spine, using the Scan, Target and Dynamic protocols, namely identifying the optimal treatment points, delivering very targeted stimulation to the affected nerve endings, then performing a range of patient exercises while treating the points of pain. This interactive stimulation differs considerably from conventional e-stim techniques, in that the parameters of each individual pulse delivered are set by the tissue being treated.

Available online from http://www.mobilishealthcare.com, the InterX 5002 kit retails for £2,500 ex VAT and features stainless steel concentric electrodes, a graphic display with quick and easy access to treatment applications and a menu of pre-set stimulation patterns, with treatment times from 5 to 30 minutes. Lightweight at 315g, fully portable and battery operated, it requires no gels or skin preparation and minimal set-up time. For home use and domiciliary visits, there is the InterX 1000, offering similar performance and weighing only 185g, which retails at £500 and has a recommended patient price of £525. Mobilis also offers a range of accessory electrodes, including a flexible array for unattended use, circular and classic electrodes for treating bony areas and smaller body parts, and a comb device for hair covered areas.

InterX was recently cited as instrumental in the recovery from injury of high profile England and Wasps rugby union star, Danny Cipriani, who suffered a sever fracture and dislocation of his ankle in May. Little more than four months later, Danny returned to the side and was later selected for England, the clinically-proven effects of InterX in reducing pain and inflammation, helping to facilitate a quick return to active rehabilitation and training.

“I used my InterX device pretty much from day one. My priority was to get back in the game as soon as possible and it helped me do exactly that,” says Danny, whose head physiotherapist at Wasps, Prav Methema, also acknowledges InterX as an important part of the rehabilitation programme.

Nor is this the first time the technology has played its part in the game, since the Senior Physio for England RU, Phil Pask, used InterX and manual therapy to speed Jason Robinson’s recovery from a grade 2 hamstring tear, enabling him to play in the 2007 World Cup quarter final just 23 days later.

“Using InterX, I was able to significantly reduce Jason’s nociceptive pain and facilitate an intensive, manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation protocol that definitely optimised his recovery time,” says Phil.

The InterX 5002 and InterX 1000 neurostimulation devices are available now from Mobilis Healthcare by ringing the customer services hotline on 0161 678 0233, faxing 0161 627 4401 or visiting the http://www.mobilishealthcare.com website.

Mobilis Healthcare

[Via http://www.medicalnewstoday.com]


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