“Listen To Your Heart This Valentines Day” Says GP

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“Listen to your heart this Valentines Day” – that is the message from Dr Peter Grunewald, a British based GP, who has developed an exciting new wellbeing programme for your heart.

“HeartSpheres is a new approach to caring for your heart and having a happier and healthier life.” He says
“Valentine’s Day brings the emotional and physical heart into focus,” says Dr Grunewald. “Everyone’s heart deserves care and attention, and not just on Valentine’s Day.”

HeartSpheres is a holistic and scientifically researched heart-based technique, which promotes physical and emotional health, enhancing life by helping overcome stress and negative emotions.

On Valentines Day, Dr Grunewald launches a series of courses, taking in major cities across Britain to take his message and the technique out to the public. “The name HeartSpheres reflects the harmonising of the three spheres of cognition, emotion and will. We want to help people to stay balanced, even under difficult life circumstances. The aim is to ensure you have the lasting capacity to manage extreme emotions and stress, both pro-actively and productively. This gives long-term benefit as well as short-term”.

HeartSpheres provides powerful and scientifically-validated self-help techniques, which are intended to transform negative conditions such as stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression into positive emotional states. This in turn, deepens professional and social skills, creativity, intuitive insight and personal development. You can change the way you process stressful events to avoid negative impact on your health and your heart.

“The heart is not just the physical organ that stands in the centre of a network of arteries and veins thousands of miles long. It is also where we feel our most powerful emotions. Many cultures believe it to be the home of our emotions such as love, joy, anger and sadness. It is viewed by many of the integrator of mind and body, spirit and matter”.

“Many healthcare practitioners believe that aligning the mind with the heart is therefore a key to greater well-being”.

Dr Grunewald’s courses are aimed at anyone who has an interest in improving their happiness, health and wellbeing. The first course will be in Bristol on Tuesday 13th March 2009 and others will follow in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

The one-day courses will cover topics such as the Role of the Heart, Physiology of Stress, Heart Rate Variability and Coherence, Neurobiology of Emotions, Transforming Stress, Developing Empathy, as well as core techniques for self-empowerment, personal development and health promotion, such as Breathing Techniques, Focused Relaxation, Review, Inner Dialogue, Intuitive Conversation and Mental Rehearsing.

As a special Valentines Day gift you could buy a HeartSpheres course for your loved one, giving them a present that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about the HeartSpheres technique, or to book a course, visit the website http://www.HeartSpheres.com
Alternatively, you can book by sending a cheque for £199.75 + VAT, payable to HeartSpheres, to HeartSpheres Ltd. , 17 Stoke Hill, Stoke Bishop, BS9 1JN, telephone number: 0844 800 2433

Dr. Peter Grunewald MD has been working as a General Practitioner in an NHS medical centre providing integrated healthcare. He has been medical advisor to a number of charitable organisations since 1986. For many years he has been involved in the training of health professionals, teachers and care staff and in facilitating professional development workshops. He also works in private practice and is the author of The Quiet Heart.


[Via http://www.medicalnewstoday.com]

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