Enhanced CNAP Monitor Monitors Peri-operative Fluid Levels Using Non-invasive Pulse Pressure Variation

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Following the successful launch of the CNAP Monitor 500i earlier this year,
APC Cardiovascular has now launched an enhanced version of the device; which
allows anesthetists to measure peri-operative fluid volume using
non-invasive pulse pressure variation.

Studies show that managing goal directed peri-operative fluid can help
patients recover quicker and also reduce their length of stay in hospital;
benefits that both save lives and potentially lead to a significant saving
in healthcare costs.

Accurate predictors of responsiveness to fluid administration are therefore
needed in the operating theatre, especially since haemodynamic parameters
obtained through standard pulmonary artery catheterization (PAC) for preload
and volume status assessment are becoming increasingly questioned.

Providing a unique solution, the new and improved CNAP monitor provides
anesthetists with a greater scope of action through evidence based fluid
data; helping them measure responsiveness to volume administrations. In
ventilated patients, the variation of pulse pressure (PPV) enables
anesthetists to quickly recognise if hypotension can be effectively
counteracted by volume administration; improving the level of care being
offered to the patient.

The CNAP Monitor is a continuous blood pressure monitoring system, designed
to help the management of peri-operative hypotension; one of the most common
complications to occur during surgery which can lead to increases in post
operative mortality.

Currently it is the only device, which allows anaesthetists to take complete
control over blood pressure non-invasively and since it was launched it has
rapidly gained credibility from anaesthetists across the country.

Speaking about the new enhanced CNAP Monitor, Managing Director of APC
Cardiovascular, Derrick Ebden, said: “The non-invasive assessment of fluid
responsiveness makes the CNAP 500 monitor a unique device. In combination
with the continuous blood pressure monitoring and its ease of use it can
enhance the working practice of the physician and ensures quality patient

“Over the last year we have been keen to improve the technology and have
liaised closely with the medical profession to see how it could be improved
to meet the needs of anaesthetists. We are delighted with the results and
are looking forward to unveiling the enhanced CNAP device at the AAGBIs
conference in London next month.”

APC Cardiovascular is a leading supplier of innovative medical products and
equipment to the UK and international markets.

Through their head office in the UK and branch office in the Netherland they
provide direct sales and support for their cardiovascular and cardiology
product ranges.

Their APC Solutions division markets throughout the UK a wide range of
specialist hospital storage systems and mobile carts.

APC Cardiovascular

[Via http://www.medicalnewstoday.com]


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